Mobile application
User Interface
User Experience

Jaeyong Sung
Osub Lee
Wavy is a friendly mobile budget planning application that keeps the users accountable with his/her monthly spending. Wavy is informed with user's monthly budget, and divides it according to the number of each month to set up the daily budget.
The problem with other financial management mobile app is that they have too many features that are quite difficult for some users to digest and actually utilize to one’s benefit.

Wavy is designed to assist the users to be more accountable with their spending habits, by using minimum texts, colors, and movements.
The main page shows the wave which works as a visual indicator to simply show one’s remaining budget for the day. Moreover, the color of the screen changes as it gets flushed down for each spending.
Wavy has a dynamic range of color that changes according to the user's remaining budget for the day to directly communicate about user’s spending.
On weekly and monthly summary page, users can see their past spending pattern. With this information they can be more mindful of their future spending.
Users can access the transaction page simply by swiping up. Users can see the list of transactions and the total amount of transactions they made for each day.
As a next step, we are trying out this concept in the excel sheet with the help of simple excel functions. Also, we are imagining a possibility of a dedicated physical card which will help users to mindfully spend their budget if there’s a one source of spending. This idea makes sense because we always end up with big payments like rents and tuitions that are outside of our daily budgets.