Tangible Type
Tangible Type is an experimental and alternative interface to bring physical gestures into the whole letter set by using flex sensors and physical letter components.
*Sensor position indication
Tangible Type is an interactive set of type components, utilizing bi-directional flex sensors to incorporate physical gestures into the whole letter set. The physical modules of the letters enable users to control the letterforms and type to be tangible.
Tangible Type started with breaking down and tweaking the typeface Avenir into seven essential parts of the letter components: Stroke, Diagonal, Counter, U shape, Shoulder, Terminal, and Spine.
*Module 1 - Stroke
*Module 2 - Diagnol
*Module 3 - Counter
*Module 4 - Terminal
*Module 5 - U shape
*Module 6 - Shoulder
*Module 7 - Spine
Although each module is not identical to the applied letter parts, just like any other component works, each module affects the parts of the letter that has similar shape.
*Module 1 and applied letter parts
*Module 2 and applied letter parts
*Module 3 and applied letter parts
*Module 4 and applied letter parts
*Module 5 and applied letter parts
*Module 6 and applied letter parts
*Module 7 and applied letter parts
As each module gets bent, the integrated sensors reflect its curvature into the segments of displayed letters on the screen.
*Silicone module controller Mold and casting
The physical modules of the Tangible Type are made out of silicone for its durability and flexibility.
*Sensor applied - Module 1 Interaction
*Sensor applied - Module 3 Interaction
*Selected letter - Uppercase Q (module 3 interaction applied)
*Selected letter - Uppercase A (module 2 interaction applied)
*Selected letter - Uppercase G (module 5 interaction applied)
*Selected letter - Uppercase S (module 7 interaction applied)
*Selected letter - Lowercase g (module 1 and 3 interaction applied)
Click here if you are viewing this with a desktop and want to try the slider version of Tangible Type.