Tangible n
Tangible n is an experimental and alternative way to bring physical gestures into the lowercase n by using flex and gyro sensors with the physical letterform of lowercase n.
*Sensor position indication
Lowercase n is the letter that type designers usually first starts with when they design a typeface. It is the most relatable letter to the lowercases of m, u, h, b, d, p, q, and sometimes a in the alphabet.

Tangible n is an interactive physical letterform that contains bidirectional flex and gyro sensors to incorporate physical gestures. I’m confident that users can find a potential letterform to expand it to a whole set of letters by interacting with this physical letter.
*The first prototype of Tangible n
*Material studies & sensor placement indications
The physical controller of Tangible n is made out of silicone, containing eight flex and one gyro sensors applied to the indicated sensor placement indications.
*The second prototype of Tangible n
The following video shows how the interaction between the user and physical controller gives a direct control over the displayed letter due to integrated gyro and flex sensors.
*Selected n_1
*Selected n_2
*Selected n_3
*Selected n_4
*Selected n_5
Click here if you are viewing this with a desktop and want to try out the slider version of Tangible n.